Agent Opportunities:

The ePay Difference

ePay Management is focused exclusively on the success and trust of our sales partners and customers. Our passion is to bring solutions directly to each client on an individual basis and to ensure their satisfaction with personalized service. Our technical depth within each sector of the industry is matched by our consulting and management expertise delivered across all sectors.

We understand that you have a choice when selecting your electronic payments processing partner and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to earn your business. ePay Management "partners" and "customers" enjoy advantages within the industry that our competitors simply cannot duplicate.

Unparalleled Sales Support

For 10 years, ePay Management has believed that the importance of sales support is not to be under-estimated. Our sales staff is second to none. We are knowledgeable, assertive and responsive. And work quickly and thoroughly to meet our sales partners' and referral partners' needs.

Each member of our sales staff is backed up by the entire ePay Management organization. This in-depth support provides each sales partner with the resources and flexibility they need to be successful within the industry.

Our effectiveness is enhanced by our unique service structure in which each sales partner receives a high level of inside support from our motivated and knowledgeable customer service staff. For you, this means complete peace of mind.

The Difference: 24/7/365 merchant support, Agent Dashboard accessibility maintained with all current and relative sales support documentation, Weekly webinar training and one-on-one product, technique and motivational meetings

On-going Personalized Service

At ePay Management, you are treated as a unique, valued client - not client #275112 in a merchant processing shop. Together we'll customize your payment processing program to reflect your business' individual requirements, crafting your solution expertly and carefully to ensure maximum results.

You will work directly with one of our friendly and knowledgeable processing experts from initial inquiry through installation and beyond. We provide the convenience, individual attention, and professionalism that our clients have a right to expect, serving you for as long as you remain a partner of ePay Management.

The Difference: We strive to maintain old school customer service standards and values in an industry where automation and a "hands-off" approach to customer support is becoming the standard.

Industry Experience

At ePay Management we have decades of experience servicing the specific needs of clients and partners in all merchant-related markets. We bring to our clients the broad-based experience, in-depth industry knowledge and business savvy that is critical to success.

Our experts are experienced and well versed in issues facing a variety of industry marketplaces, including: Retail, Restaurant, Wireless, e-Commerce, Mail Order, Supermarket, Petroleum, Not-for-Profit organizations, Franchise companies and Associations.

Offering hands-on experience and technical skill, our team of experts can address the distinctive business needs of our clients. In addition, we supplement our technical approach by analyzing and advising our clients and partners on the many elements of running successful organizations

The Difference: ePay Management believes in the power of industry participation and in the importance of staying on top of new trends, issues and regulations. That's why we are recognized as leaders within our industry.

Unique and Cutting Edge Products

Expand your customers' payment options, simplify your business operations and increase revenue with quality products and services from ePay Management.

The electronic payments industry is littered with antiquated, sub-standard and fly-by-night processing solutions. We ensure that our product offerings adhere to a strict quality checklist beginning with strong support options and emphasized by operability.

Our solutions range from consumer financing to credit and debit card processing and the latest wireless technologies.

The Difference: Custom community-based cash-back loyalty programs, The latest wireless payment solutions for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, consumer financing solutions and Association level rebate programs

No-Nonsense Pricing

At ePay Management we believe that signing a merchant is only half of the journey. In order to be successful we need to retain our merchant base for as long as they require the services we offer. In order to accomplish this goal it is imperative that pricing be set competitively and quality support be made available.

Since the industry leaves it up to us and our competitors how customers are billed, the presentation of rates and fees vary greatly. Our statements are clear and straight forward for the merchant. Furthermore, When quoting rates we prefer to perform an analysis on the merchant's actual statement and do a comparison in the same form of billing as a merchant's current processor. This way we compare "apples to apples" and ensure a true savings for the client. This ability is unique to our processor.

The Difference: Non-proprietary and Pass-through equipment pricing, True cost analysis', Interchange refunds on credit transactions, No fees for Authorization only (non-settled transactions), Monthly Minimums include all discount rates and transaction fees (Our competitors often only apply the qualified discount rate to the monthly minimum charge).

No "Bait & Switch". No Games. Period.

It is unfortunate that so many merchant service providers rely on questionable tactics and misguided trust to secure new business. Often we hear stories from our clients of deceptive marketing tactics, unethical contract terms, undisclosed pricing schemes and outlandish equipment leases that they have fallen prey to. It is no surprise to us that many of our potential clients have been taken advantage of by previous merchant services relationships so we are not discouraged when clients insist on performing background checks and request business references.

We encourage all potential clients and partners to research our company history and we gladly provide references to all who inquire. Our business strategy lends itself to customer retention. By providing quality product at competitive pricing while ensuring exemplary customer service our reputation stands on it's own.

The Difference: Full disclosure of all rates and fees. No proprietary equipment. No "Introductory" offers. No rate increases without industry justification. No ridiculous contract terms. No games. Period!

Ethical Standards

Ethics is defined as "the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation". Mention corporate names such as, Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia, and Tyco and immediately it brings to mind the increases in unethical business behavior. it is more difficult for business people to adhere to an ethical mind than it is for other professionals, because business is strictly not a profession, has no guild-structure, no professional model, no standards and no penalties for bad behavior. The only requirement is to make money and not run afoul of the law.

The Difference: We believe that the ethical mind grows at home and in the surrounding community, that practicing good business ethics is essential for the good of our company and that we exemplify good work - work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible and meaningful to our customers and partners.