Agent Opportunities:

Transparent pricing

It is unfortunate that so many merchant service providers rely on questionable tactics and misguided trust to secure new business.

Often we hear stories from our clients of deceptive marketing tactics, unethical contract terms, undisclosed pricing schemes and outlandish equipment leases that they have fallen prey to. It is no surprise to us that many of our potential clients have been taken advantage of by previous merchant services relationships so we are not discouraged when clients insist on performing background checks and request business references.

full disclosure of all rates and fees, no proprietary equipment
At the merchant level, we boast full disclosure of all rates and fees, no proprietary equipment, no "introductory" offers and no rate increases without industry justification, no ridiculous contract terms, no games. Period!
full disclosure of of processing and product cost
At the agent level, we provide full disclosure of processing and related product cost, generous revenue sharing of residuals, up front bonuses and robust reporting, lead generation and application status tracking through your own back office.

Quality support

  • Sales Support
    We are knowledgeable, assertive and responsive. And work quickly and thoroughly to meet our sales partners' and referral partners' needs.
  • Service
    We strive to maintain old school customer service standards and values in an industry where automation and a "hands-off" approach to customer support is becoming the standard.
  • Experience
    We bring to our clients the broad-based experience, in-depth industry knowledge and business savvy that is critical to success.

Unique products

Are you still leading with merchant services?

Expand your customers' payment options, simplify your business operations and increase revenue with quality products and services from ePay Management.

The electronic payments industry is littered with antiquated, sub-standard and fly-by-night processing solutions. We ensure that our product offerings adhere to a strict quality checklist beginning with strong support options and emphasized by operability.

Our solutions range from consumer financing to credit and debit card processing and the latest wireless technologies.